Feadship chooses for RotaChock BasePlate
Friday 5 August 2016

Feadship chooses for RotaChock BasePlate, 1 of 2
RotaChock BasePlate under MTU engine, 2 of 2

A fast and adjustable way of installing resilient mounts

It is commonly known that final aligments can only be made when the ship is floating and preferably in half load condition. During the the construction phase however, all the pipe connections to the engines have to be made by the yard. Therefore, all propulsion machinery is pre-aligned in the dock to obtain a position which is as accurate as possible.

When the ship is floating, the time available to pour epoxy and to machine steel blocks is limited.

The resilient mounts, which are carefully selected to obtain the best damping of the egine's structure borne noise, need to be installed in such a way that the compression of each element is within 0.5 mm (measured on the 4 cornors). Furthermore, the compression of the elements per engine need to be within 2 mm.

One of the common way to support the bottom plate of the resilient mounts is by machining a welding plate accoring the height measurements after adjustment. This procedure however is quite time consuming and the result is not optimal, as the tolerances on measuring, determining a plane, machining and finally the welding together make it diffecult to reach aforementioned installation targets.

Based on the succesfull application of RotaChock steel chocks before, ExaktAlign has developed an adjustable base plate which is mounted betweenn the engine foundation and the bottom plate of the resilient mount. This RotaChock BasePlate reduces the time during the final aligment phase drastically. Furthermore, the compression per element can be tuned perfectly and results in a optimal behaviour of the resilient mounts.

The BasePlates are available for the standard resilient mounts from RubberDesign and Vulkan. The mounts have been produced custom, matching the foot print of the reduction gear box and the actual chock height.

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