MY Ocean 7 back to sea
Monday 8 August 2016

MY Ocean 7, 1 of 7
RotaChock under engine, 2 of 7
RotaChock SlimLine under gear, 3 of 7
Polished propeller, 4 of 7
Mounting of the SKF couplings, 5 of 7
Straigthening of the propeller shaft, 6 of 7
Happy engineers on sea trials, 7 of 7

ExaktAlign solves vibration problems

MY Ocean 7 suffered from severe vibration proplems when sailing at high speed. ExaktAlign was hired to investigate the alignment of the propulsion installations during the upcomming docking of the vessel in the UAE. During the alignment survey was concluded that the PS propeller shaft was sightly bend. Furthermore, it was concluded the both the gear boxes as well as the main engines were misaligned. ExaktAlign was able to straigthen the shaft in the workshop of the shipyard.

Originally, the machinery was chocked by means of epoxy. Therefore it was not possibe to adjust the alignment of the driving components. It was decided to install the machinery on RotaChock adjustable steel chocks, to make it possible to re-adjust the position of the engines and gears to compensate for future setting of the resilient mounting (creep of the rubber).

Originally, the ship was equipped with LIPS branded fixed pitch propellers. During a scan of the pitch on the pressure side, it was concluded that the pitch deviated too much. ExaktAlign organized the repair of the propellers, in cooperation with Plug&De Boer in The Netherlands. The scope of the repair consisted of the repair of the pitch, static and dynamic balancing and finally polishing to ISO-class 1.

When the propellers were mounted again, the vessel was launched. During the sea trials, satisfactory vibration levels were measured.

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