m.s. Hebridean Sky improves comfort level
Tuesday 9 August 2016

m.s. Hebridean Sky, 1 of 5
New Trelleborg resilient mounts, 2 of 5
RotaChock RC4 chocks between engine and frame, 3 of 5
RotaChock RC3 chocks under shaft alternator, 4 of 5
Nieuw resilient mounts for auxiliary engines, 5 of 5

Complete exchange of resilient mounting system reduced the vibration level

m.s. Hebriean Sky is a mini-cruising vessel, which is built in 1987. The vessel is operated by Salén Shipmanagement AB from Gothenburg and is one from a series of 3 vessels.

As the vessel was suffering from vibration problems, ExaktAlign AB was consulted to perform an alignment survey to the main engines, while the vessel was on the key side in the port of Ushaia/Argentina. From the survey was learned that the vertical alignment of the engines was outside the tolerance. Reason for that was that the original resilient mounts under the main engines were aged (nominal life time abt 20 years). The advice from ExaktAlign to renew the resilient mounting of the main engines was accepted by Salén and an order was placed at ExaktAlign to deliver a full set of rubber blocks for both engines (40 pcs in total) including the installation on board. The exchange had to take place in the upcomming docking in Landskrona/Sweden. In this vessel, the main engine is build on a base frame under which the rubber blocks are mounted to the ship's foundation. The engine is aligned on the frame and chocked with epoxy.

In the planning of the docking was no time for new epoxy works. The alignment and chocking of the engines has to be performed with the ship in floating conditions. ExaktAlign advised therefore the replace the epoxy by RotaChock RC4 adjustable steel chocks. These chocks with the new foundation bolts could be prepared in place allready in the dry dock. The final phase with the floating ship could be reduced therefore to alignment of the engines and adjusting of the RotaChocks, followed by fastening of the foundation bolts. The final phase took only 1 day and the vessel was in time to make the planned sea trials. During the trials was noticed that the vibration level on board had been reduced significantly.

Besides the resilient mounts for the main engines, ExaktAlign delivered new RubberDesign resilient mounts for the auxiliary engines as well.

Based on the positive results of this project, ExaktAlign received the order to make an identical exchange on the 2 sister vessels (Caledonean Sky and Island Sky).

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