ALiSENSOR® measuring equipment

ALiSENSOR Shaftlaser


Is a laser based shaft alignment system utilizing the reverse dial indicator method. The measurement units communicate wirelessly (Bluetooth) with an iPad or iPhone.


The ALiSENSOR Shaftlaser offers the user a quick start up, a large color display and unique functions like camera, e-mail and internet connectivity. These are only a vew of the reasons that the ALiSENSOR Shaftlaser is revolutionizing shaft alignment.


Each measurement unit contains a laser, a 20 mm detector, a rechargable battery and communicates wirelessly. It is sealed and compact enough for use on small machines and where space is limited.


The universal shaft fixture is compact and has a thickness of only 15 mm. Supplied with a chain as well as magnets for radial and axial mounting on shafts and couplings.


The needed Apps for Shaft alignment and Softfoot can be freely downloaded from the AppStore (



GLOI 1/1

ALiSENSOR Shaft laser

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