Resilient / flexible mounts

ExaktAlign delivers a wide range of resilient mounts for both new build or replacement. The scope is comprising both conical type as well as rail type mounts.The majority of the mounts can be delivered from stock or with a short delivery time.

Special mounts are available for:

  • MaK M25
  • Mak M32
  • MaK M43
  • MTU 956

Above mounts can be offered in combination with all needed mounting bolts (metric fine) and inclusive of the physical mounting on board with all needed expoxy works.





Resilient / flexible mounts 1/4

Lo-Rez CR1-H Steel Spring Mount

Resilient / flexible mounts 2/4

Phoenix Alivio R3

Resilient / flexible mounts 3/4

Rail mount MaK M25

Resilient / flexible mounts 4/4

Machine mounts

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