RotaChock ™

RotaChock is a new generation adjustable steel chocks for usage in both Marine type and Industrial applications. In both sectors large machinery and engines need accurate alignment - from shipping to mining and metalworking and from petrochemicals to the transport sector.

RotaChock is an improved design of Vibracon and has superior specifications.

Features of RotaChock elements are:
- Quick mounting; the machine can generally be realigned and secured within one day.
- No softfoot; the self leveling spherical bearing on top ensures the best possible contact surface.
- High element loads possible; higher tightening torques improve machine installation.
- Re-adjustable; the elements can be re-adjusted at any time in the machine life.
- Anti Corrosion Enhanced (ACE) ; ensures a long lasting protection against corrosion.
- Low chock height possible; Slim Line elements start at only 20mm overall height.


RotaChock 1/5

Data RotaChock BasicLine

RotaChock 2/5

Data RotaChock SlimLine

RotaChock 3/5

Standard element

RotaChock 4/5


RotaChock 5/5


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