Soft Mount Package

The “Soft-Mount” package was developed to provide excellent vibration and noise isolation for propulsion engines with flanged on gearboxes. The system is comprised of the BR-T type isolators that are designed to carry full propeller thrust without locking up (thus providing isolation over the entire speed range) and the RT coupling which is also designed to carry full propeller thrust, both ahead and astern.

The RT coupling provides:

  • adequate flexibility to reduce the bearing loads in the shafting and gearbox under dynamic motions of the engine
  • reduces noise and vibration produced from the engine and gear from being transmitted down the propeller shaft into the structure
  • absorbs propeller thrust pulsations.

More information on the BR-T isolator and the RT coupling can be found in the leaflet on this. Some 400 vessels have been fitted with this system.


Vibration free propulsion 1/2
Vibration free propulsion 2/2
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