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Welcome on board

​ExaktGroup was formed by companies performing services in the field of Engine Service, Alignment, In-Situ Machining Propulsion& Hydraulics, 3D Measurements, Water treatment and Vibration measurements.

Together as one, ExaktGroup aims to deliver a seamless scope of Products and Services for the installation, maintenance and repair of rotating machinery.

The ExaktGroup is a community of technical specialists in the field new building and repair of both Maritime as well as Land based installations. Each member brings a long time of experience in their field of operation. All members are presented in the About us page. Any request for Parts or Service can be send to

Our vision is that maintenance of tomorrow is done by specialists which excel in their field of operation. The ExaktGroup is formed by this cooperating specialists.


Elvägen 23

472 96 Varekil


+46 31 583100


Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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