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Is there first Exakt company and is established in 2010. Today, the founders have in total 65 years of experience in the Marine industry (Machine Support BV and Wärtsilä). The following competences and functions are organised in the Swedish branch:

- Shaft alignment

- Geometrical alignment

- Strain gauge alignment - in combination with Reverse Engineering with ShaftDesigner software

- Engineering of Foundation Plan Approvals according Class

- Engineering general

- Epoxy works - licensed

- Project Management

- IT - Website

- Product Development


Michel Belvroy


+46 727 301799


Axel Olofsson

Junior Engineer

+46 760 151558


Richard Cuperus


+46 727 302099 

Celine Belvroy.jpeg

Celine Belvroy


+46 31 583100


Sigvard Richter

Junior Engineer

+46 31 583100


Resistance to Change Preventing Shipping's Move to Zero Pollution


Ship owners, operators and managers responding to an environmental survey carried out by Canadian based McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business have acknowledged the need to reduce operational oil leakage from propeller shafts but a lack of understanding about cleaner alternatives is preventing any meaningful technological change.

Researchers questioned more than 1000 marine industry professionals last year to better understand why the majority of newbuild ships continue to be fitted with outdated oil lubricated propeller shafts when proven, cleaner technology is widely available.

Dr. Ken Deal, Professor of Marketing, DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University, said: “The DeGroote School of Business works closely with organizations to provide practical experiential learning for students. The survey, designed to better educate the shipping... read more

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