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Laser Measurements

Laser measurement services
With state of the art laser equipment, precise measurements can be taken in various application areas:

  • Standard shaft alignment

       (engines, gearboxes, generators, pumps etc) 

  • Cardan shaft alignment

       (e.g azimuth propellers)

  • Straightness measurment

       (line bore of engines, stern tubes, rudderstock bearings etc)​

  • Flatness measurement

       (machine foundations, crane pedestals, thruster flanges etc)


Strain Gauge Measurements

By means of strain gauges, it is possible to measure shaft alignment while the shafts are coupled to the driving equipment. This technology offers numurous advantages in terms of time, accuracy and risk.
Strain gauge modelling/measuring is used in both new building and maintenance/repair. A model of the propeller installation is built in ShaftDesigner software.

More information can be found in the leaflet.


Engineering Services

We offer a package of Engineering services, comprising of:

Chocking plan and bolt tightening calculations
Comprises of all the needed calculations and drawings to chock and mount any machine in accordance with the rules of the applicable classification society.

Bolt calculations
For any application, bolt calculations are made for a long lasting and safe connection of machine or construction (parts). ExaktAlign provides advice for any mounting situation.

Selection of resilient mounts

To reduce the noise and vibration on board, engines and gears are set up on resilient mounts. Being able to choose from a wide pallet of mounts, the optimal solution is designed for your project.

M42 root diameter.png

Mounting Services

In combination with the mentioned products for Chocking and Mounting, we perform mounting of any kind of machinery. By means of state of the art calibrated hydraulic devices, we torque/stretch any bolt to their calculated value.


Complete engine performance measurements

​Independent evaluation of data with recommendation, like:

  • Measurements of dynamic parameters like pressures, stresses, temperatures, strain/stresses, flows (water & oil) etc

  • Crank angle based dynamic measurements of pressures (combustion, fuel, injection, rail, etc.) injector needle lift, strain/stress, voltages.

  • Noise; airborne and structure borne noise (ABN and SBN).

  • Torque / power measurement on rotating shafts via strain gauge sensor and telemetry transition.

 Vibration measurements

  • Lineair vibrations
  • Frequency analyses
  • Modal analyses
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Operational Deflection Shape (ODS)
  • Rotational Vibrations
WhatsApp Image 2023-01-11 at 11.45.40.jpeg

In-Situ Machining Services

By means of portable equipment, local machining of:
  • Engine Line Bore
  • Cylinder liner landing surfaces
  • Lower cylinder sealing surfaces
  • Stern tube bearings
  • Crane pedestal
  • Thruster mounting flange
  • Rudder trunk
  • Fitting bolt holes
  • Cooler sealing surfaces (both milling and turning)
  • etc

3D Measurements

Geometrical Surveys (3D Measurements)
 In a Geometrical Survey, the shape or position of any object or space are measured and stored as XYZ coordinates for further use. Depending on the information needed and required accuracy, a Laser tracker, a Total Station or Laser Scanner is used. The number of applications is limitless. Typical applications are:
  • Dimension control
  • Reverse engineering
  • Quality control
  • Alignment in machines for paper, foil and steel
  • Hull / construction deformations
  • Robot calibration
  • Turbines
  • Etc
Laser Tracker
This measuring device measures with the highest accuracy (0.015 mm+0.006 mm/meter distance) of the above options with a distance of max. Ø320 m.
Total Station
 This is an optical measuring measuring instrument and is used for single point coordinate measurement purposes (no complicated shapes) upto longer ranges of max 800 m.
Laser scanning
Using state of the art 3D scanning equipment, the shape of any object or space can be measured and digitalized. These shapes are stored and reported in any CAD format for easy further use.

Water treatment Services

Water quality is an important topics on board. Especially in the yachting and cruising segment, the standard for disinfection, cleaning and desalination is high.

Our Services comprise of: consultation, design & production of a new system, modification or maintenance.

We provide/support all major water treatment technologies and methods for example:

  • softening

  • reverse osmosis

  • electrodeionization

  • nano and ultrafiltration

  • media filtration

  • membrane degasification

  • iron and manganese removal

  • organics removal

  • UV disinfection

  • chlorine electrolyses (open cell / membrane cell)

  • chlorine dioxide generating / dosing

  • turbidity measurement

  • chemical measuring/dosing

Our experience will ensure that your investment to water treatment is justifiable, based on right technologies and brings value from day one.

Besides total project, we provide:

  • water analysis

  • training

  • engineering

  • advice

  • independent 3rd party

We are distributor for Bawat AS Ballast Water Treatment systems. More info in the the shop.

Engine Service


The services provided by our team of experts, is consisting of overhaul and repair of main and auxiliary Diesel engines.

The Solution philosophy which has proven to be successful in the other Exakt companies is also used here. Our customer is served with a combination of Superintendent level of engineers and genuine engine spare parts.

Main experience is build in the the maintenance and repair of:

- Wärtilä

- MaK

- Man

- Bergen Diesel

- Mitsubishi

- Volvo Penta  


Off course, we are able to supply engine parts only without Service.

More info can be found about our stock of parts and engines I the ExaktShop.

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