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Marine Products

Resilient / flexible mounts

Resilient mounts (also called isolators) are used to reduce the level of noise and vibration on board. The amount of reduction is expressed in the isolation rate (in % of the unisolated machine). When selecting a resilient mount, attention has to be paid to the resonation frequency (critical rpm), the deflection of the mount under load (normally softer is better for isolation). 

The available mounts in the market can be divided in mounts based on rubber and mounts based on steel springs.


Together with our partner Lo-Rez from Canada, a new serie of revolutionary mounts has been developed which is based on steel springs. Steel has superior isolation characteristics and does not have all the disadvantages, rubber has; like sensitivity for oil and creep (permanent setting over time).

The new mounts have the same footprint and building height as the mounts from RubberDesign and Vulkan, as per the following overview:

RD200 series - Vulkan T90 => Exakt CR1-H

RD300 series - Vulkan T60 => Exakt CR1-G


The mounts have class approval.


Exakt Inducast industrial epoxy grout

Epoxy casting mortar with very low viscosity

INDUCAST is a fluid mortar for constructively filling under machine bases, rails and other items requiring casting where fast a high compressive strength is required. The low viscosity allows chock heights as low as 4 mm.


Chemical resistance
INDUCAST has an excellent chemical resistance to alkalis, petroleum derivatives, acid, diluted organic acids, salts and solutions. For more information please contact EXAKTALIGN AB.



INDUCAST is ideally suited for the casting of high-tech machines that have to operate vibration-free. INDUCAST fills anchor holes and secures anchors. Can be poured in a layer thickness up to 40 mm in one step. INDUCAST has excelent bonding to concrete and can be used for concrete repair.


Exakt Inducast features:

  • Low viscosity

  • Low reaction temperature

  • Non-shrinking

  • High pressure resistance

  • High impact resistance

  • Moisture-insensitive hardening

  • Liquid-tight

  • High chemical resistance


Set of 5 kg: A 3.75 kg + B 1.25 kg
Also available in set of 30 kg

Inducast .jpg

Pre-cut Steel Shims

Stainless steel Shims
One of the basic products for installing machinery is the shim - typically a small section of thin metal with a slot cut out to fit the foundation bolt. Although hard to improve a concept as simple as a shim, our shims holds some clever features over standard pre-cut shims.


Shim features:
- the tab makes it easy to align stacked shims - even with one hand!
- the thickness is clearly marked in Metric and Imperial
- no burrs - guaranteed!
- made of 304 or 316 stainless steel


Available thicknesses [mm]:

0.05, 0.075, 0.10, 0.125, 0.20, 0.25, 0.40, 0.50, 0.70, 1.00, 2.00, 3.00, 4.00, 6.00.

The shims are available in packages of 10 pcs or as part of a full assortment suitcase. See the shop for more info.


Custom made Shims

Custom shims

In case you require shims to suit the shape of your machine, ExaktAlign cab supply custom designed and produced (stainless) steel shims. Please contact us for details.


Resilient mounted engines

ExaktAlign supplies the special shims needed to re-align resilient mounted engines. The shims for all OEM makes and types can be supplied.


The following shims are in stock:

  • Wärtsilä 38

  • Wärtsilä 46

  • MaK M25

  • MaK M32

  • MAN 28/32




Spherical Washers/Spacers

Bolts normally have a 90° angle towards the mounting face of machine they fixate. The foundation however is in 99% of the cases not in parallel with the plane of the machine. The result is that the bolt is bending when tightening as the bolt head is touching at one point only. Consequently, the tightening torque is not converted in the calculated effect. The bolt will come loose in time.


A spherial washer between the bolt head and the foundation will absorb the difference in angle. In case where a short clamping length of the bolt is reducing the fixation eff ect of the bolt, spherical spacers are advised.

ExaktAlign's portfolio is comprising of both Spherical Spacers as Spherical Washers. The washers come is a standard execution (SW) and as Large washer with a bigger diameter (SWL). See the shop for details.


Mounting Kits

A mounting kit is an engineered package, consisting of:

  • Chocking products (MecLev®'s or Loctite Fixmaster epoxy)

  • Mounting products (bolts, nut, washers etc.)

  • (pre-machined) Fitted bolts, if needed

  • Spherical spacers (or spherical washers)

  • Bolt torque calculation

 A mounting kit is engineered to completely support and mount one machine.



BW-FIXATORS are readjustable self levelling elements for any kind of machinery. Permitting easy and satisfactory installation and a reliable connection between the machine and its foundations. Due to various causes, shop foundations will deform in time so that readjustment of your machinery is needed. BW-FIXATORS permit full compensation for such displacements anytime without difficulty and expensive downtime.


BW-FIXATORS are used in all kind of land based industries; like machining, production, packing, power generation, transportation etc.
Series of specific units have been developed for generators, turbines, compressors, etc.

See in the shop for the different types.

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