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The aim of the ExaktGroup is to deliver a seamless scope of Products and Services for the installation, maintenance and repair of rotating machinery.

The ExaktGroup is formed by companies performing services in the field of Alignment, In-Situ Machining Propulsion&Hydraulics, 3D Measurements, Water treatment and Vibration measurements.


 to the Exakt Group

From experience we know that any engineer cannot be good in everything. Therefore, the ExaktGroup is organised in specialisms. In the following pages, the ExaktGroup members are presented, each with their specific knowledge. Each Group member has its own (local) customers where they take care of. Larger or International customers are served from ExaktAlign AB from Sweden which acts as the Head Quarters of the Group. From here, when needed, Sales Support is given to the Group members. Being organised like this, all the specialisms of the Group are available for every Group member and also for you as a customer. 

Furthermore, the Products which are listed in the the ExaktShop are held in stock in Sweden.

’Combining our strengths is the beginning; staying together and cooperation brings success."    Henry Ford

Takes your product to the next level

some of our projects

Takes your product to the next level

some of our projects

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Our vision is that maintenance of tomorrow is done by specialists which excel in their field of operation. The ExaktGroup is formed by this cooperating specialists.

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Tel:  +46 31 583100

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