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Exakt CR1-H and Exakt CR1-G

Resilient mounts (also called isolators) are used to reduce the level of noise and vibration on board. The amount of reduction is expressed in the isolation rate (in % of the unisolated machine). When selecting a resilient mount, attention has to be paid to the resonation frequency (critical rpm), the deflection of the mount under load (normally softer is better for isolation).

The available mounts in the market can be divided in mounts based on rubber and mounts based on steel springs.


Together with our partner Lo-Rez from Canada, a new serie of revolutionary mounts has been developed which is based on steel springs. Steel has superior isolation characteristics and does not have all the disadvantages, rubber has; like sensitivity for oil and creep (permanent setting over time). The new mounts have the same footprint and building height as the mounts from RubberDesign and Vulkan, as per the following overview: RD200 series - Vulkan T90 => Exakt CR1-H RD300 series - Vulkan T60 => Exakt CR1-G


The mounts have class approval.

Resilient mounts or Flexible mounting

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